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Promoting Transformative Travel

There has been a significant shift from transactional to transformative travel, which is about choosing travel options that result in:

  • Gaining a new perspective on things

  • Learning something new

  • Creating time for personal reflection

  • Solving a challenge. That challenge could be trekking to Everest Base Camp, learning as new language, taking a photography or painting class or scuba diving for the first time.


Transformative travel is less about looking at things and ‘ticking’ a box and more about experiencing something new or re-experiencing something forgotten. It could be as simple as getting away from the chatter of technology and immersing in the sounds of silence.  


Inherently, we’ve always known that travel has the power to transform. On a true journey, the sights, personal interactions and chance to experience local culture come together to provide powerful experiences that may be life-changing. 


The move towards experiential travel over the past decade has uncovered the tip of this iceberg, putting the focus front and centre on experiences that are authentic and immersive. But today’s travellers are seeking to go beyond immersion to travel that transforms them by connecting them with different cultures, characters or the environment or through more major life-changing experiences.


The creative concepts developed for the Wonder of Gondwana - A Journey into Ancient Australia have been based on the growing desire for transformative travel experiences. They aim to lift the promotion of individual products in a cluttered marketplace, such as a visit to a museum or cave, to create a connection for the visitor with an extraordinary story as compelling as our landscape is timeless.


Some examples of the best ways to bring this to life, from great storytelling to simple yet intriguing interpretation are provided above – see Creating connections are essential to transformative travel.

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