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Experience Themes Explained

The Wonder of Gondwana. A Journey into Ancient Australia concept is built on three inter-connected themes, which both anchor the elements of the overall concept and emphasise the relationship between the people, their culture and the landscape.

The themes highlight the diversity of experiences, places and people who contribute to the Wonder of Gondwana and bring it to life through the ultimate landscape gallery.

Fish to Footprints

Fish to Footprints is about the incredible passage of evolution from ancient fish to megafauna and the earliest signs of humans, which has been captured and preserved in the earth, rocks and caves of Country and Outback NSW

Riches of the Earth

Riches of the Earth is about the allure and abundance of the treasures that the landscape has provided, from rivers of gold to world-class gems and so much more. It brings to life the reality of dynamic earth forces that create these riches.

Sites of Cultural Significance

Sites of Cultural Significance reminds us all of the inherent connection to Country of Australia’s Aboriginal people, one of the oldest living cultures in the world. These sites, enriched by the stories and insights shared by local Aboriginal guides, will strengthen understanding of and respect for their culture and deep connection to Country

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