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Enhancing Existing & Developing New Experiences

The way we travel evolves. This simple premise should influence the way we sustain or revitalise our existing experiences and ensure we continue to build or maintain our appeal and assist us to entice more people to discover the Wonder of Gondwana.


There are many experiences across Country and Outback NSW that already deliver on the themes identified as part of the Wonder of Gondwana. However, by adopting a stronger customer-centric approach and integrating credible trends, these experiences could play a far more important role in the ‘bigger picture’, helping to attract more visitors and enhancing the perception and appeal of the region.


Despite its timelessness, creating new experiences that amplify and bring to life the Wonder of Gondwana offers an opportunity to attract new audiences and strengthen the appeal of Country and Outback NSW. There are already plans well underway to develop the Australian Opal Centre at Lightning Ridge, which is sure to be a signature experience of Country and Outback NSW. However, there are a few other ideas that with investment and the right approach to design and implementation, could also become hero experiences.


We’ve provided some project profiles for either enhancing existing or developing new experiences that would enable Country and Outback NSW to become the leader in delivering on the promise of the Wonder of Gondwana – A Journey into Ancient Australia.

To see these experiences, go to: Project profiles for the Wonder of Gondwana

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