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Competitive Opportunity

Around the world there are examples of great experiences that deliver on the three themes identified for this project. However, the greatest opportunity lies in the linking of the experience offering across Country and Outback NSW to tell a compelling and meaningful story about the Wonder of Gondwana. A Journey into Ancient Australia. 


This positioning has many advantages, most importantly it is truly distinctive and provides an easy framework to engage with your audience in a meaningful way. Quite simply, it reveals and involves the audience in a remarkable story of ancient Australia and its beginnings as Gondwanaland.


The concept makes it easy to bring to life and connect the elements that reflect Gondwana and ancient Australia, across an extraordinary landscape gallery that extends from deep underground, through cave systems and under an amazing night sky. It offers experiences from fossils that reveal the earliest life on Earth, to alluring gems and rivers of gold, geological highlights and the extraordinary heritage of Aboriginal culture. It is a journey into the heart of ancient Australia.


A key to success will be to ensure that the individual experiences and precincts retain their own sense of identity and personality. This enriches the story, which makes it more compelling and visit-worthy. It also helps to avoid a bland approach to marketing or creating competition that simply divides the numbers instead of growing together through inspiring curiosity about experiencing another element in this ever-evolving story.


There are few – if any - destinations who are collaborating to tell this story or bring to life the history and heritage that infuse the Wonder of Gondwana. If done well, there are few who could compete with this compelling offer. Through collaboration, there is an opportunity to demonstrate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Please see the Case Studies of international and domestic competitors in the section on Opportunities & Activations.

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